Drivers for PC connection with Hull Roughness Analyser

The Hull Roughness Analyser will be recognized automatically by most Laptop / Desktop computers running operating system Microsoft Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 7 & 8 though we have received notice that on some systems the correct drivers are missing.

The steps below are based upon a Windows 7 operating system. For other operating systems the described  steps might differ now and then.

The computer system will automatically assign a COM port number to the gauge. Please check Windows ‘Device Manager’ to learn the assigned COM port.

Tip: Windows shortcut to ‘Device Manager’:

Windows key + Pause key

The link to ‘Device Manager’ is in the upper left corner.
Unfold ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’.

The gauge should be recognized as: ‘USB Serial Port (COM…)’

If you have failed to recognize the Hull Roughness Gauge within Windows Device Manager reconnect your gauge and pay close attention to the list in Windows Device Manager as the gauge will reappear here.

If your gauge is recognized as anything other than an ‘USB Serial Port’ you require additional drivers. Please go to following website and download the ‘Virtual COM Port Drivers’

Download FTDI drivers for TQC DC9000 Hull Roughness Gauge.

After download has finished:

  1. Right mouse-click your gauge in Windows Device Manager and select ‘update drivers’.
  2. Select to search on your computer.
  3. Now choose to browse the local hard-drive and find the download location ( Location where you saved the driver in the previous step.)
  4. Perform the driver update.

Your gauge should now be properly recognized by your Windows installation.