Hull Survey Report version 2.1 – Betá

Shortly after the release of the Hull Survey Report version 2.0 it was discovered that Microsoft Excel 2007 handles some functions very differently compared to predecessors and successors of Excel.

The unsupported functions in Excel 2007 resulted in the MHR readings not appearing on the drawing tab. To resolve the issue all formulas have been rewritten from scratch.

Scatter graph of portside Mean Hull Roughness values

Besides the addressed problem we have added some new features as well, though I should mention, they are in experimental stage at this time of writing. On the drawing tab we have added the standard deviation for all Mean Hull Roughness readings. Additionally we created a new tab called Scatter, still in betá, which show you scatter graphs of both port- and starboard-side readings.

If you have any requirements / features / statistics or any other wishes to make up your report, please don’t hesitate to ventilate them as we are open for suggestions on improving the Hull Survey Report template.

Please drop your suggestions: kevin[a]

Click this link to download Version 2.1 Beta Hull Survey Reports software for the TQC Hull Roughness Analyser. Overwrite the current file on your USB stick to start using the new file.