New Hull Roughness Analyser met with great enthusiasm in Hamburg

SMM - Hamburger Messe

SMM – Hamburger Messe – 4 to7 September 2012

TQC used the 25th anniversary of the SMM to officially launch the new Hull Roughness Analyser. With current bunker prices and savings high on the agenda of many ship owners and -operators their was no lack of attention for anything that cuts the vessel operating costs.

Since the last introduction of a roughness analyzer has been decades ago, those who had worked with the equipment before met the new gauge with glittering eyes. New technology has allowed TQC to reinvent the Hull Roughness Gauge and make it stand out far beyond anything else available on the market today.

The TQC version of the hull roughness analyser is marketed as: ‘Surpassing the industrial standards’ and that is not a bold statement. Though it complies with Rt(50), the long standing standard to define hull roughness, it does everything better than other gauges.

Graphical display of hull sections on the TQC hull roughness gauge

Graphical display of hull sections on the TQC hull roughness gauge.

  • The size and weight has drastically decreased and the unit can be easily stored in the overhead luggage compartment on your travels.
  • Measured sections are easily stored away in the gauge memory by a simple but highly effective graphical display of the hull sections on the gauge LCD screen.
  • The gauge allows for easy calibration and with the traceable calibration plate that comes standard with the gauge their is no need to send equipment back to the manufacturer for recalibration.
  • The unit runs on standard AA batteries that are easily available worldwide.
  • Creating Survey reports becomes fun, just send the batch data to the PC with supplied USB cable and you instantly have your report in Microsoft Excel.

Sale representatives from both TQC Germany and Netherlands who where present at the booth in Hamburg reported all currently available units sold on it’s first day. George Moonen, owner of TQC and also present at the SMM said:

This is overwhelming! We need to steam up the production lines to meet the demands. We developed the gauge on request of some of the largest paint manufacturers but we get requests out of every field of the shipping industry.

With the arrival of proper equipment, hull roughness analysis is fast becoming the new standard for in- and out-docking. It finally ads a single parameter to measure hull performance for both paint manufacturer and owner and any type of vessel.