Hull Survey Report version 2.0 – Update

We have arrived at version 2.0 of our Hull Survey Report template for Microsoft Excel. Since our first release some minor errors / bugs were reported and discovered. In this release we have addressed those problems.

Update of Hull Survey Report

Update of Hull Survey Report

We have received notice that transferring data from the HRG application to the Excel sheet can take some time if your batch is filled completely. Proceeding to early to the ‘Drawing’ tab caused the data transfer to be interrupted. Resulting in not all of your measurements appearing in the survey report.

In version 2.0 we have addressed this problem by adding a counter to check if all available data is present before making up the final report. Since we don’t know the amount of measurements you have made it is simply a matter to check if the counter has stopped. A full batch is made up of a total of 120 MHR measurements.

Besides the fix to above problem the other changes are only of aesthetic nature.

Click this link to download Version 2.0 Hull Survey Reports software for the TQC Hull Roughness Analyser. Overwrite the current file on your USB stick to start using the new file.