SuperYacht Industry – Coating innovations

In latest edition of Yellow & Finch publishers the editors have created an editor’s pick list with the 7 best coating innovations. And the DC9000 TQC Hull Roughness Analyser is one of them! Yellow & Finch publishers

A Dirty Ship is an Expensive Ship to Operate

A half decade ago, hull performance sounded like some esoteric concept, but the ban on tributyl tin (TBT) coatings and increasing bunker prices has led to the emergence of companies specializing in hull and propeller performance monitoring. Nowadays, there is … Continue reading

The great antifouling debate

With fouling on ship hulls increasing fuel costs by as much as 40% choosing an antifouling coating that works for you is a high stakes business. By Mike Garside As fuel costs rise, some ship owners hanker for the old … Continue reading

Hull Survey Report version 2.0 – Update

We have arrived at version 2.0 of our Hull Survey Report template for Microsoft Excel. Since our first release some minor errors / bugs were reported and discovered. In this release we have addressed those problems. We have received notice that transferring … Continue reading

Video of Hull Roughness Analyser

Since we all know that a single image says more than 1000 words we have launched a video to demonstrate the new hull roughness gauge. Most footage was shot during a trial with one of our first prototypes in a … Continue reading

Hull Coating Degradation

“A ship scheduled for such surface preparation [blasting down to bare steel] – whatever coating system is being used – would normally be 10-15 years old. The blasting will change the hull condition from rough and possibly fouled, to smooth … Continue reading

Time for change –$70 billion at stake?

A major incentive to change is the high and rising cost of bunker fuel coupled with tight budgets required by many shipping companies in order to operate profitably, by navies and other government owned fleets where budget constraints are requiring … Continue reading